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Our Mission
NouLou Chamber Players, Inc. is a vibrant ensemble bringing together Louisville’s elite classical musicians to provide the area with exceptional music making. Our Parlor Series is dedicated to performing in intimate settings–the way chamber music was meant to be enjoyed. With our partnership at the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum, we bring to life traditions in chamber music performance, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We are excited to expand this partnership with Oxmoor Farm.

We are also continuing our collaborations this 2018/19 Season with Treyton Oak Towers, The Filson Historical Society, and The Piano Shop to bring you more beautiful music in the Louisville area.

Our Name
A blending of the ideas ‘NuLu’ and the French word ‘nouveau’, NouLou Chamber Players is a newly developed group of musicians aiming to enrich the chamber music culture of Louisville.

The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum
The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum, located on St. James Court in the heart of Old Louisville, is one of the finest examples of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in the city.  Completed in 1895, this masterpiece was often the site of dances, musical performances and lively entertainment during the Edwardian age.

Oxmoor Farm
Nestled 8 miles outside Louisville, Oxmoor is a historical gem giving
us a glimpse into Kentucky’s past. Owned by the Bullitt family since
1787, 5 generations have called Oxmoor home. The family was
influential in the formation of Kentucky and their house, original
section built in 1791 to the first addition in 1829 and the 2 additions in
the early 1900s, is a literal testament to the state’s history from
colonial times through the 20th century. Buffeted by the beautiful
gardens that were designed in 1911 and the tree-lined avenue, as well
as the charming outbuildings add to Oxmoor’s beauty and its
historical uniqueness.

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